Students, what are your hopes and dreams for your education? How can the staff at OHDELA help you to achieve your dreams?


Grace Hanna
03/01/2012 8:10am

When I get older I hope to play soccer proffessionally, and if that doesn't work out I want to win an Oscar. Basically I don't care what I do, I just want to be somebody in the world and leave a legacy.

Mrs. Spencer
03/01/2012 8:18am

I'm sure you will achieve your goals, Grace! You are a very positive person and work hard at everything you do. I have complete confidence in you!

Allison McKinney
03/01/2012 8:19am

My hopes and dreams for my education is to learn as much as I possibly can. There are so many things I want to know and I think that the gifted study is the first step. After graduation I'm not really sure what I want to do. I would possibly like to go into the medical field, but anything can happen in four years. :)

Aleecia Nocifera
03/01/2012 8:45am

My hopes and dreams for my education is to learn lots of new things.I like learning new things,I don't like learning the same boring things over and over again. When I finish high school I want to go to college. I am interested in lots of things like being a disigner or a veternarian. But I have lots of time to decide for sure.

Katie M.
03/01/2012 8:54am

My dreams include being a writer. I want to be able to travel and tell people about my books. The Indepedent Study helps me work on my wrting skills. I am able to get used to people viewing my writing. I love the Independent Study!

Cerilene S.
03/01/2012 9:59am

I would like to do the follow things-
1. Finish middle and high school with my all a's record still in tact.
2. Get into Harvard Law School
3. Become a successful lawer.
The staff at OHDela can do as they are doing by teaching me things and encouraging me to keep reaching for my dreams

Yara H.
03/01/2012 1:02pm

When I grow up I would like to be either a M.D. Doctor or a Pharmacist. I love working in the medical field. OHDELA can help me achieve my dreams by doing biology classes for 6th graders and up and emphasizing science classes. If there were biology classes, there could be very cool projects. As an example, one project needs a frog to disect! Then we could buy a frog from the pet store and disect it! When my mom was in college, she was studying biology, and she got to disect a frog! She wanted to become a pharmacist when she grew up. Anyway, when I was young my mom and dad gave me a necklace that has the medical sign. Now I want to keep that necklace and forfill my dream!

Lena Hakim
03/01/2012 1:02pm

I want to study international business and become a international business owner (CEO) . What I want to benefit from my education is to learn more advanced information in all subjects . I want to learn more languages as well. OHDELA can help us by challenging
Us more .let us have more creative writing classes and more journal writing classes because I would really like to share my stories with my fellow high schoolers

Colleen H
03/01/2012 5:35pm

I want to be a painter. I have taken classes and I have wanted to be a painter for a long time.

Morgan Toney
03/02/2012 1:40pm

I would like take culinary. I will most likely, at least go to tolls technical school. Teachers can help me by reminding me of my goals, and what I want to do and encourage to follow my dreams. That probably sounds corny, but true, I just need encouraged.


Brinn Clutter
03/06/2012 4:17pm

My hopes and dreams include becoming an Olympic ski racer. In addition, I am interested in becoming a pediatrician. The staff at OHDELA are already helping me to achieve my dreams by allowing me to advance in my classes so that I am placed at the level that best suits my needs and pursue independent studies. They encourage me to strive for my dreams, persevere to do my best, and provide the resources and support that I need to achieve my goals.


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